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Movie Night Wine PairingsT

Sure, we’ve all heard of pairing wine and cheese or wine and more wine, but what about wine and a movie? It might sound silly, but there are wines that pair perfectly with buttered popcorn and other movie treats. Take it a step further, and you’ll find some wines at Laithwaites can even match a genre! Continue Reading

Enjoy lovely wine with delicious food

Firstly, I must mention here that, whatever the nature is offering us, are the god’s gift. But, it is the human nature to decorate those gifts of god in such a fashion, which has it’s own taste and smell.

Dessert Wines

Dessert wines are the one’s which are served with desert or pudding after the dinner and hence, they are known as pudding wines. Especially the fruit wines like pineapple, blackberry, apple are good for those, who are the beginners at drinking.

Sparkling Wines at Wedding

As like a food, the wine is also having its own place in every beautiful occasion. Wine is always remain a near & dear solution for mankind whether in the days of sorrow as well as in the days of joy, fun or celebration. Wine lovers all over the world generally awaits the best season of vintage wines. The farmers and the wine makers are also found keen on concentrating the quality of their wines when such demand is there. Most of the wine lovers invest in the Vintage wines just to double their invested money. As times goes, the value and the taste or quality of that vintage wine goes better. So it is always a wise decision to plan for the future activities. In a nutshell, I can say that, investing in the Vintage wines is the best option for any season. It will be nice for consumption as well as for gifting it to others. Simultaneously, you can fetch prices with its growing quality.